me and my friends at Cal

Me and some of my best friends at Cal

school school school school school school .... I am a transfer student from Santa Barbara City College, studying Computer Science with a minor in Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley.

I love to spend time in different places and I try to take trips whenever I have an opportunity. I like to paint, lift, run, snorkel, skydive, scubadive, be in the ocean, play with my friend's dogs, and try new activities. I also like to read, be lazy, trade pins at disneyland, cuddle with my Boov named J.Lo. and read Boov books, play neopets, and eat the same kind of food over and over again.

silly me me and jlo yum yum

I feel so lucky in life. I have hard times too. I think that is important to say that because we usually only advertise the fun stuff we do in life, and hide the bad stuff. And then we all start feeling like we are alone in our hardships. At least I have felt that way. I am so grateful for everyone I know, because they all have contributed to the richness of my experience. Shout out to the people I know omg I just love you all so much! I am also really really happy that you are reading my blog. The fact that you have made it three paragraphs in amazes me. I know this is super corny but I'm serious!!