I got to Singapore last night at 11:30 PM on the 3rd. Now it is about 10:00 am local time and I am on my plane to Krabi, Thailand :) I enjoy flying, so I didn’t find my flights to be that bad. I slept most of the way and I had fun exploring the Tokyo gift shops during my layoever in Japan. I thought the flight from Tokyo to Singapore was 2 hours until I asked the person next to me (it was 6 hours lol). He was an american who was living in Bali, and he showed me photos of his beautiful 3 story house made entirely out of Bamboo. The floors, blinds, doors, and furniture were all made from different kinds of bamboo. It looked like a giant tree house in the jungle. The upstairs area was completely open, so there weren’t any full walls, only blinds for when it rained. He said bees and bats and snakes all came in and out of the house as they pleased. His children attended a private school that was also completely made out of bamboo.

Since my flights were only 10 hours apart, I decided to just stay at the airport last night. I reserved a “nap room” at the Haven Lounge in the Changi Airport before I left the US. After I went through immigration, I asked someone where the lounge was. At first, he seemed super concerned and told me that there were no lounges outside immigration, but eventually he realized what I was talking about and told me to take the SkyTrain to “foreign sounding word tree”. So I got on the SkyTrain and rode it back and forth once, looking for a stop with the word tree in it, until I realized he was probably actually saying “terminal three”. I wandered around some more and eventually found the lounge.

I slept in the nap room until 6:30, and then I packed my things and got a key to use a shower room. The shower had three showerheads, and when I leaned inside to turn it on, it was set to the one that happened to be pointed outside of the shower, directly at my face. So a huge stream of water started spraying straight to my face hahaha. I screamed.

I almost went to have breakfast at McDonalds until I asked where I could fill up my water bottle and realized the lounge had free snacks. I had a nice breakfast of toast, cereal, two apples, and a cappucino before I left to catch my flight.

The Singapore Changi Airport is really beautiful. There are gardens and art installations and shops everywhere. I stepped outside to take a photo and feel the weather and I started sweating within a minute. I didn’t get the photo because I’m still figuring out the go pro lol.

At this airport, you don’t have to go through security until you reach your gate. It was nice because there were only three people in front of me in the line.

Leaving Singapore

When I get to Krabi, I am taking a bus to a resturaunt travel agency thing, then a shuttle to the dock, and then a ferry to koh phi phi, where Sarah and Ryan will be waiting for me :)

Landing in Krabi, Thailand