My passport was literally delivered to Emily and Morgan’s (my friends in LA) apartment yesterday. If you know me, that probably isn’t surprising. I ran into a bunch of passport issues a month before my trip but it made it just in time! So far I haven’t lost anything.

The last two weeks have gone by so fast. I finished finals, visited friends in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and my home in San Diego. Two weeks between school and my trip didn’t feel like enough time, but now I am so excited to be on my way. I have a short layover in seattle, and then a 17 hour flight to Singapore with a stop in Tokyo. When I arrive in Singapore, I will wait a few hours until my next flight to Thailand!

Packing and Planning

On Saturday night, my friend Sarah told me she would be in Koh Phi Phi for a few days before I am leave for Australia. So, I found a plane ticket for the earliest possible flight to Krabi, Thailand, and from there I will take a ferry to Koh Phi Phi. Thailand is one of the places I want to go to the most, so I am stoked I get to so early in my trip! I definitely want to see Bangkok another time this summer. Plus, the fact that I am seeing a familiar face when I get there is making everything a lot less intimidating. Convienently, there was a problem with the payment for my flights to Australia, so all of the flights were booked except from Singapore to Australia. This ended up being perfect because now I am flying directly to Australia from Thailand.

Too Much Stuff

Originally I was going to bring all of this to Singapore. Thank god I came to my senses. I went through all my stuff on my second to last night and decided to leave behind everything in and around the duffel bag on the left. I still feel overpacked and I seriously don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I packed the first time.

I still ended up checking my suitcase. When I got on the plane it wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin (lol oops). Thankfully the flight attendents were extremely nice and accomodating. They even helped me try to rearrange some things in my bag to see if it would fit. It was a pleasant experience and it’s easier to check it anyway.

Bye bye my little suitcase

bye bye little suitcase!

Last Nights

On my second to last night in San Diego I went out in North Park with Thomy and Anthony, two of my best friends from my hometown. When we got home we stayed up until four in the morning reminiscing about all the funny things we did together in high shool. Like when Anthony taught me and Thomy how to drive, and other, more stupid stuff that I can not write about here.

The next night me and my dad walked and talked on the beach and later I cuddled and ate take out olive garden with my mom and sister.

Last night I had more sleepover talk with Morgan, Emily, Jules, Josh, Nate, and Sean in LA :). We got take out sushi and a delicious breakfast delivered (brownie, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, toast, granola with fresh fruit and yogurt). Breakfast is my favorite meal. I so enjoyed visiting with all of them and they made me even more excited for my trip! I was so happy to be with everyone that I got a little sad because I would miss them, but it was sad happy because I am just thankful that I have so many people I love enough to miss :) It was the perfect way to spend my last nights :heart_eyes_cat: