is a website I made to share my notes with other students.

I was inspired to start this project in 2014, after my physics professor Dr. Mike Young asked me to share my notes with him for the benefit of future students. I often shared notes with friends, so it made sense to make them easily available to anyone.

I added the notes for all of my lower division physics courses, math courses including linear algebra, differential equations, and multivariable calculus, aswell as general and organic chemistry notes.

Since then, class notes for several engineering and computer science topics have been added. When I completed my minor in Chemical Engineering, my classmate Eliav Maas volunteered to contribute his notes for the remaining upper division Chemical Engineering course work.

Kdsnotes.com averages between two and three hundred unique users every month, mostly located in Santa Barbara and Berkeley. I might not be reaching the whole world, but the fact that even one person has benefited from kdsnotes.com is pretty exciting to me.


Following are some excerpts from feedback I have recieved about my notes.

“… she gave me all of the electronic notes that she had taken for my classes so that I could post them on my website and share them with other students. Those notes have been very popular.”

- Professor Jim Kruidenier
Santa Barbara City College

“Hi, I’ve been looking at your notes on kdsnotes.com, and they’re great. Your lettering is really easy to read and the color choices you make in your notes really make them visually appealing. I teach math at a community college, and I use an external tablet and windows journal to make some notes for my students, but yours look MUCH better. I would appreciate any tips/advice you can offer. “

- Dan Kleinfelter
Assoc. Professor, Math
College of the Desert

“I’m in your E45 class, and I’ve been studying with your notes. They’re absolutely amazing! I love your handwriting, neatness, color use, and basically everything about your notes :)”

- A Student at UC Berkeley

“Dear Kadie Jaffe, This email is regarding your notes. Your notes are a tremendous help, thank you for making them so colorful”

- A Student from Santa Barbara City College