After I landed in Krabi, I made my way to Phi Phi island (pronounced pee-pee :)). Sarah and Ryan were waiting for me at the dock with a little paper sign that said “Ms. Jaffe”!

Phi Phi Arrival

Then we walked through town to drop off my stuff at the bungalow (we like to call it the fungalow).

View From The Fungalow

Later I had some pad thai for about 80 baht (under $3) and we went to sunset bar for some drinks.

Sunset Bar

The next day, we had banana milk and sugar thai pancakes and banana shakes for breakfast, at what would become my favorite resturaunt on phi phi. There are a ton of stray cats wandering around the island, some joined us for breakfast :) After breakfast we went kayaking around the island for a few hours, stopping to swim and snorkel and play at the beach.


After kayaking Sarah and I went and got pedicures for 150 baht (a little under $4). I regret not getting gel nails because it was only 400 baht and I ruined my toes the next day. We ended the night playing scrabble at another bar. At first we were playing in a little boat table thing, but there were a lot of bugs. I guess I was making a scene because one of the workers came over to give me some bug repelent hahaha.I won with a 56 point word “hack”. Actually we never recounted but I’m pretty sure I won :P.

The Nail Salon

Us at The Nail Salon

Sunset Bar Again

The first two days on Phi Phi were amazing, but my last full day was by far my favorite! First, we returned to our breakfast spot for more thai pancakes and banana shakes. Our waitress was named Ooh. I got a hot coffee and I ended up asking to buy the spoon for a souvenier. Ooh seemed really confused about why I wanted the spoon but she laughed when I told her I liked it and let me buy it for 100 baht. I had a little cheat sheet to help me learn some basic thai words. sOoh helped me pronounce them. Hello sounds like “sah-wat-dee-ah” and thank you sounds like “khub-kan-kah”, I think. I don’t think I was doing it very well because Ooh seemed to be the only person who could understand me hahaha.

Me waiting for my pancakes, Ooh in background

Nom Nom Thai Pancake

After breakfast we went to get massages. Sarah and I got one hour Thai massages with oil for 300 baht (a little under $9) and Ryan got a regular Thai massage. I really liked the oil. The thai massage was sometimes like a regular massage, and sometimes felt like the ladies were helping us stretch. I thought our massuses were really funny. They really liked Ryan. They kept saying “handsome boy, not handsome man” because he is 20. They were making some other lewd comments which I found hilarious but I think they started making Sarah and Ryan feel a little uncomfortable :P. At the end, I felt so good and so relaxed!

After some shopping, we went back to the room to get ready for our cliff jumping and snorkeling tour! We had booked it the previous day for 600 baht (~ $18). This was by far the highlight of phi phi. I can’t think of any better way to spend $18.

The beginning of our Tour

At the beginning we made some friends: two other americans and a british girl named Emma. We got on a boat together and met our guide who said he was named Michael, but he may have made that up. Our first stop was monkey beach! There were atleast 30 monkeys there to greet us. Michael advised us not to bring anything that we didn’t want the monkeys to steal. The monkeys were very brave and would walk right up to people in the water to grab whatever food was in their hand. There is a video of me and Ryan feeding them pineapples and peanuts in the photostream.


Trying to take selfies with monkeys

Next we went to go cliff jumping. While we were approaching the cliff we were going to jump off, we saw a pod of dolphins. It was magical. I love cliff jumping and at first I thought I would jump off the highest point, until I saw someone start climbing up and realized how small they looked compared to the rest of the rock! The one we ended up doing was the second highest, about 15 meters according to Michael. I think it was the highest I’ve ever done. We wanted to go again but we had to continue the tour.

After everyone jumped, we headed to the famous Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. I have no words for how breathtakingly gorgeous this place was. All I can say is that the whole time I was there I felt overwhelmed by it’s beauty. It was surreal, to say the least. Giant cliffs covered in lush, green trees towered over us as we walked to the other side of the island.

The other side

Michael suggested we run through the forest and into the ocean because they do that in the movie, so I convinced Sarah, Ryan, and our friends to do it with me. Only I made it all the way into the end but it was still fun :D! Then I went and played a volley ball game on the beach that a russian guy taught us. There were 10 or 12 of us playing in a circle. None of us had ever met before, we were of different nationalities from all over the world, and we were playing a game together in the most beautiful place I have ever visited. If there has ever been a perfect moment in my life, that was it. I had a giant smile on my face the whole time. I am in awe just remembering it.

Maya Bay

After a short hour at Maya bay, we got back on the boat and went to snorkel on the other side where we had walked to. There were hundreds of colorful fish swimming around the reef, and we were still surrounded by the beautiful mountains. There were parrot fish, and a lot of other fish that I can’t remember the name of but I have only seen in aquariums. The water was the most beautiful, crystal clear emerald-teal shade, and it felt like a heated pool.

Snorkeling behind Maya Bay

At the end of the tour, we wathced the sunset and then jumped in the water one last time to drink some beers and swim with the green glowing plankton. Afterward, we made a plan with all of the friends we made to meet at banana bar at 9:30. We were super late because we were having dinner with Ooh, (who was still working!) but fortunately so was everyone else. We spent the rest of the night dancing and drinking and watching fire dancers at some bars on the beach. It was the best day ever :)

My New Friend Emma

The next morning I had one last breakfast with Ooh before running off to catch my ferry and flight to Sydney. I could write much more but I only have so much time and so do you! I loved Koh Phi Phi so much, and I hope I will make it back there at least once this summer!

Bye By Phi Phi!

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